Legacy Consulting Services

LCS wants to be a part of the team that helps brings your project on-line, on-time.


LCS has a wide variety of experience, acquired over more than 30 years, on projects and programs in Cultural Resource Management and Historic Preservation. Some specific experience includes work on the following types of projects.

    Hydroelectric and Fossil Fuels Electric Generating Projects
    Electric Transmission and Distribution Projects
    Natural Gas Exploration, Production and Transmission Projects
    Public Recreation and Land Management Projects and Programs
    Fisheries and Wildlife Management and Conservation Programs and Projects
    Hard Rock Mining Projects
In the area of technical support, LCS can develop Requests for Proposals, proposals review, and the management, oversight of technical services provided by others. LCS can also support consultations with federal, state and local agencies.

LCS can develop documents such as a Memorandum of Agreement, Programmatic Agreement, Effects Assessments and mitigation-management plans. LCS also has experience in developing and the appropriate sections of any EA, EIS or federal applications such as those for hydroelectric licensing. These services do not compete with any current CRM staff, but can compliment those services.

James J. Shive Legacy Consulting Services 403 West Quartz Street Butte, Montana 59701-9156 USA
406-782-5663 or 406-782-3151 (voice) 406-723-7001 (FAX) E-mail lcs@bresnan.net

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